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What if it Rains on my Wedding Day? | Tips

Let’s chat about rainy wedding days, and what you can plan for and do if it rains on your day.

If it does happen, don’t get upset or panic or think your day is ruined. Remember, photographers have had to photograph on rainy wedding days before, so it won’t be new for them! Trust their advice!

You can’t control the weather and it is what it is so rather than get upset, it’s better to plan ahead.

Here are our top tips for rainy wedding days:

  • Plan ahead, meaning get cute gum boots and umbrellas!
  • Have a ‘Plan B’ for your outdoor ceremony,
  • Embrace it, it’s still your special day and you can’t change the weather,
  • Get some funky rainy wedding day ideas from Pinterest or other blogs.

Have questions on planning for wet weather options or anything else weddings? Get in touch, we are here to help!